The FunDysGWAS ESNM Project

The aim of this project is to create an European based database to investigate the role of different genetic factors that might be linked to functional dyspepsia (FD) symptoms.

In this study, patients diagnosed with FD as defined by the Rome IV criteria and healthy controls are requested to provide 2 blood samples from which genetic sequencing will be acquired. Additionally, a number of questionnaires to assess the symptom profile and quality of life are completed. Patients undergoing endoscopy as for standard of care, can also provide additional duodenal biopsies for pathophysiologic research.

At present, we have collected samples 196 of FD patients and 190 samples of healthy controls. We aim to collect at least 2000 samples from each group and think this is feasible now that the COVID-19 impact is tapering down.

Analysis and interpretation of the results of these samples will be carried out through international collaboration. At this moment, 26 sites in Europe registered their participation.

As recruitment of patients is rather difficult we are looking for new centers in Europe that would like to help and are eager to recruit 50 patients or more diagnosed with functional dyspepsia as described by the Rome IV criteria and if possible 50 healthy controls during the next year. The study is very easy to perform. It includes the collection of 2 blood samples and online questionnaires. We will use an electronic case report form that everybody can use for this study. Extraction of DNA and GWAS analysis will be performed by the KU Leuven (Belgium) under supervision of Prof Jan Tack.

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