Successful SAGIM conference

The conference of the Scandinavian Society for Motility and Neurogastroenterology (SAGIM) was successfully held for the 11th time in Copenhagen. 56 participants, mainly from all over Europe, but also a few from outside Europe, attended the conference. Seven PhD students participated in the PhD network meeting and presented their posters at the SAGIM meeting.

Danish and European experts gave lectures on interesting topics to an active and inquisitive audience. The headlines of the meeting were 1) How to lose weight without exercise?; 2) Immune-mediated diseases and complications; 3) Motility and IBS, and 4) Miscellaneous from the GI tract. During the breaks, lively talking took place, research ideas were exchanged, and new friendships arose. The atmosphere was informal, but the intellectual level was high as usual.  

The meeting was supported by Pharmanovia, SynMed, KeboMed, and Enterra.

Next year, we will host the meeting like the tradition prescribes, with speakers and participants from Scandinavia and the rest of the world. Make a mark in your calendar to attend the PhD Network meeting the 7th of November and the SAGIM meeting the 8th of November, 2024 in the Tivoli Congress Center, Copenhagen.

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