It is with much sadness to realise that one of our young uprising colleagues Radislav Nakov has left us. He was passionate about our field of gastroenterology and motility and put a lot of energy and passion in developing and putting the discipline in the spotlight. Not only in his own country also on a European level. His input and dedication to the development in ESNM are highly valued.

Radislav was inspirational in his approach to everything he undertook. At ESNM he had a transformational influence on the society even  in the short time he was associated with it. He was a valuable member of our Media section and undertook many important initiatives. He was passionate about education and just recently secured a UEG grant to develop guidelines for the management of abdominal bloating. He continued to work tirelessly for the Bulgarian society which he was passionate about and even in his final days was busy working on a Neurogastroenterology conference which he had organised.

Despite his young age we are very honoured to having had the chance to get to know him. He was one of the brightest stars in our speciality with a wonderful future which has so tragically been cut short. Moreover, he was a wonderful and compassionate human being who was always happy to help. He will be badly missed. Rest in peace our dearest friend.

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the ESNM

Qasim Aziz, President
Daniel Pohl, Treasurer
Giovanni Barbara, Past President

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