Change in the Editor-in-Chief

December 1, 2022

Dear Society Members,

I am writing to announce that 2023 will bring new leadership to our journal, Neurogastroenterology and Motility.  Due to the progressive increase in the number of papers being handled by the journal, and the related workload, the structure of the editorial team was reorganized in 2020 to include an editor-in-chief who served as head editor of the journal in addition to serving as the Reviews Editor.  Stephen Vanner (Queens University, Canada) served a three-year term as Reviews Editor before accepting the position as the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the journal.  The Editor team has always included editors with expertise in clinical and basic neurogastroenterology, and in 2019 a Social Media Editor was added to produce podcasts highlighting papers that were published in the journal and social media postings.  In 2022 a position was added for an Editor with much needed expertise in evaluating meta-analysis and systematic reviews, and in 2023 we are adding a Biostatistician Editor position to address the ongoing challenge of properly assessing the quality of biostatistics in basic and clinical studies.

Maura Corsetti (University of Nottingham, UK) will be replacing Stephen Vanner as the new Editor-in-Chief. Maura has been serving as a Clinical Editor for the journal since 2017, and so brings great knowledge of the running of the journal along with her extensive experience in clinical neurogastroenterology.  She is very happy to take on this important role and looks forward to working with the team of editors.  Maura will be supported by clinical editors, basic science editors, a meta-analysis/systemic reviews editor, a biostatistician, and a social media editor.  The Clinical Editors include Frank Zerbib (Bordeaux University, France), Andrea Shin (Indiana University, USA) and Christopher Black (University of Leeds, UK).  In addition to his clinical expertise, Christopher Black will lead the evaluation of meta-analysis and systematic reviews.  Remaining in their roles as Basic Science Editors are Kirsteen Browning (Penn State University, USA) and Fedias Christofi (Ohio State, USA). Michael Jones (University of Melbourne, Australia) will take on the role of Biostatistician Editor, and Daniel Keszthelyi (Maastricht University, The Netherlands) will serve as the Social Media Editor.   We are deeply appreciative of the time and energy that Purna Kashyap (Mayo Clinic, USA) has contributed to the journal as Social Media Editor from 2020 – 2022.

On behalf of the Editors, the Journal Management Committee, and our Societies, I want to extend sincerest appreciation for the time and effort that Stephen Vanner has put into running the journal.  Under his leadership, the journal has grown and improved, and the all-important impact factor has risen to 3.960.  Furthermore, the number of downloaded articles, another important metric, has risen by roughly 25% to well over 500,000 per year while he has been Editor-in-Chief.  Stephen has put an inordinate amount of time and effort into overseeing the process of handling the manuscripts and organizing each issue.  He has achieved a goal that we all strive for in that he is leaving the journal in better shape than it was in when he took the reins.



Gary M. Mawe, PhD
Samuel W Thayer Professor of Neurological Sciences

Chair, Journal Management Committee for Neurogastroenterology and Motility

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