BgSNM new ESNM affiliated society

Welcome! Bulgarian Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (BgSNM) is the newest affiliated society of ESNM. BgSNM was founded at the Bulgarian Congress of Gastroenterology in May 2019. There was an immense need to form such a group that unites the Bulgarian gastroenterologists interested in Neurogastroenterology and Motility. The Society forming members are mainly consultants and residents in Gastroenterology who organized the first national population-based study for functional gastrointestinal disorders prevalence. The president of BgSNM is Radislav Nakov, who is also active in UEG and EAGEN. Our Annual Meeting is held every November and will be focused on Neurogastroenterology and Microbiota.

BgSNM is fascinated with the vision of ESNM and is eager to contribute to its mission locally and globally. Bulgarian gastroenterologists with an interest in Neurogastroenterology are willing to network and cooperate with their colleagues around Europe. BgSNM, as a new society, can learn a lot and develop itself with the help of more experienced ESNM affiliated societies. Our partnership could lead to the harmonization of training and scientific programmes in Neurogastroenterology in Bulgaria according to the European standards and guidelines.

R. Nakov, March 2021

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