Annual Meeting: SAGIM, Scandinavia

The 2021 conference of the Scandinavian Association for Motility and Neurogastroenterology (SAGIM) was very successful with attendance from around Europe. There was excellent lectures from Danish and international experts on wide range of interesting topics. Unfortunately, the PhD network meeting was cancelled this year, due to the corona pandemic. Next year this meeting will again be held the day before the SAGIM meeting. In spite of the COVID restrictions, approximately 50 participants, speakers and business partners made the meeting a success and the inspiring meeting was hosted with financial help form our sponsors; Pharmanovia, SynMed, KeboMed, MeqNordic and Tillotts Pharma.

The meeting was characterised with lively talking in the breaks, generation of new ideas, great time for intellectual interaction, new investigator collaborations, and for friendship. Next year we will host the meeting like the tradition prescribes with speakers and participants from Scandinavia and the rest of the world. We are in the planning phase of the SAGIM 2022 meeting which will be held in Copenhagen, Tivoli Congress Center according to usual practice.

Please mark your calendars for the PhD Network Meeting November 24th and the SAGIM meeting November 25th, 2022. We look forward to an exciting program.

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