Annual Meeting: SAGIM, Copenhagen

The pandemic changed the traditional structure of the 33th anniversary meeting of Scandinavian Association of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (SAGIM). Our international guests were prevented from participation and only Danish sponsors and participants attended this year’s meeting. Despite the COVID restrictions approximately 50 participants, speakers and business partners made the meeting a success and the inspiring event was hosted with financial help form our sponsors; Atnahs, SynMed and Tillotts Pharma.

Hot topics in upper and lower neurogastroenterology and motility were presented by speakers from Denmark; Fecal transplantation; presented by Christian L. Hvas, assessment of the gut motility, news from the Aalborg/Aarhus collaboration, presented by Asbjørn Mohr Drewes. Klaus Krogh took us through the management of motility disorders and anorectal dysfunction, Charlotte Lauritsen gave us a talk about host-nutrition interactions in inflammatory bowel disease.

Esben B Mark showed emerging methods in assessment of stomack accommodation with impressive pictures and illustrations. Finally, the diabetic gut including autonomic neuropathy, symptoms and management were summarized and treatment suggested by Christina Brock and Mette W Klinge

Lively talking in the breaks, new ideas genesis and short presentations from the sponsors gave zest to the meeting.

Unfortunately, the PhD network meeting was cancelled this year, due to the corona pandemic. Next year the PhD Network meeting will again be held the day before the SAGIM meeting.

Next year we will host the meeting like the tradition prescribes with speakers and participants from Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

M W Klinge, February 2021

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