Annual Meeting: NMD, Portugal

On 19th-20th November 2021, the annual meeting of the NMD ( Neurogastroenterology and Digestive Motility Nucleus ) of the Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology was held. This face-to-face meeting was addressed to Gastroenterology Trainees and took place at the headquarters of the Portuguese Society of Gastroenterology in Lisbon. The two major topics addressed were the Microbiota and the Pelvic Floor.

The Microbiota theme was addressed in a round table and a conference. The following topics were analyzed at the round table: an overview of the human microbiota, the role of microbiota in the brain-gut axis in health and disease; gut microbiota in clinical practice -in gastrointestinal pathology and beyond gastroenterology. The conference addressed the topic: Microbial organ and homeostasis: therapeutic approach.

On the second day, the program began with a round table on the topic: How do I assess pelvic floor disorders: Pelvic floor disorders: what they are and what the patient tells me; Physiological tests – which ones? When? How?; Pelvic Floor Imaging, and the session ended with the presentation of interactive clinical cases.

Still on this topic, the second round table: And now, how do I guide? The following were addressed and discussed: Evacuation disorders Urinary and sexual dysfunction - what the gastroenterologist should know and Pelvic floor rehabilitation - how does it work in practice? The working morning ended with the conference: Multidisciplinary approach – how does it work?

The meeting ended with a round table: At the frontier of knowledge, with the following topics being addressed: Diet / Fecal Transplant - Is It the Common Answer? ; The role of Neuromodulation in Gastroenterology; The role of image with therapeutic intent.

It was very important to hold this meeting for the Gastroenterology Trainees with the participation of twenty-five speakers, who presented and allowed the discussion of neurogastroenterology topics of great importance and prevalence in clinical practice

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