Gut Microbiota & Health: Board of Directors

The Gut Microbiota & Health section is governed by the Board of Directors, which is composed of:
Prof F. Azpiroz, Barcelona – Spain (President)
Prof Q. Aziz, London – UK
Prof J. Doré, Paris – France
Prof P. Enck, Tübingen – Germany
Prof F. Guarner, Barcelona – Spain
Prof M. Simrén, Gothenburg – Sweden
Prof G. Barbara, Bologna – Italy (ESNM president, ad hoc member)
Prof H. Szajewska, Warsaw – Poland (ESPGHAN)
Prof H. Sokol, Paris – France
Prof M. Trauner, Vienna - Austria (EASL)

Board Members on occcasion of GMFH Madrid 2013 Summit

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