FNM 2018 Asterdam

Picture Gallery FNM 2018 Asterdam, the Netherlands

Opening Ceremony FNM Giovanni Barbara
Opening Ceremony FNM André Smout
FNM Lifetime Achievement Award Marcello Costa
FNM Lifetime Achievement Awards Joe Szurszewski
FNM Session
FNM Session Terence Smith
FNM Session Michael Schemann
ANMS B. Greenwood-Van Meerveld and Lori Ennis
FNM 2020 in Adelaide, Australia
DGNM Paul Enck and Beate Niesler
FNM Poster area
FNM Poster area
FNM Meeting Point
ESNM Steering Committee Meeting
FNM Session R. van dem Wijngaard, W-Shin Fukudo
FNM Session
FNM Session Åsa Keita
FNM Awards David Grundy and André Smout
FNM Awards
FNM Get together at StrandZuid
FNM Get together at StrandZuid

Pictures: Ludo Vermaire | Fototeam Sanders & Rozemeijer and Astrid van Kempen-Bahun |+ Bahun Design


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